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Daily Warrior: Warrior Custom Golf Customer and his Golf Club Daily Warrior Custom Golf. Here you can keep up with company news and the daily happenings of the Warrior Custom Golf environment.

Daily Warrior

Who would have thought that a game involving the implausibly difficult act of swinging a club at a little ball would turn into the immensely popular phenomenon it is today? I have a strong suspicion that if an ordinary chap enjoying a round with his chums on the ancient links of Scotland proclaimed that one day, people would become millionaires and famous celebrities while performing this seemingly simple task of hitting a ball with a club, he'd be scoffed at and forced to sit in a corner with a dunce cap placed firmly on his head. Golf has come a long way since its disputed inception, but there's one thing that hasn't changed from the links in Scotland in the 17th century to your local golf course today: the game of golf is a great equalizer. It can make a fool out of a rich miser and transform a working stiff into a god worshipped by his buddies for 18 holes, all on the same day, and even on the same course. The game of golf has a very twisted sense of humor, doesn't it? It doesn't discriminate and it doesn't play favorites. There are no shortcuts to glory, no matter how much people desperately look for one. Golf can make the very best professional look like a weekend hacker and a weekend hacker look like a professional. While there is no one on Earth that is ever guaranteed a good scoring round on any given day, one can always be guaranteed an enjoyable round, but it's solely up to the individual. To the honest, tranquil, and hardworking golfer goes the spoils of golfing bliss, and to the mendacious, discomposed, and slothful golfer goes the agony of walking 18 holes with a dark cloud hanging over their head. Golf is the only sport that puts you up against yourself. Sure, you're playing against other people and even the course, but every golfer knows the real battle is the mental battle. You are your own worst enemy or your own best friend, constantly trying to one-up yourself.

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Warrior Custom Golf : Not even Tiger Woods's return can get Jack Nicklaus to watch golf on TV - Washington Post

Washington Post

Not even Tiger Woods's return can get Jack Nicklaus to watch golf on TV
Washington Post
Jack Nicklaus is 77 years old. He's been playing golf since the age of 10. One has to assume that, at this stage of his life, he's seen all the golf he has needed to see. One would assume correctly. Nicklaus was asked by reporters Friday if he was ...
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